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Translucent Tube Squeezer

  • QR0.00

This product helps you to squeeze out the last drop of your ointment, gel, lotion or toothpaste. This product is quite small in size, light in weight...

Dental Care Oral Orthodontics Wax

  • QR0.00

These products help to eliminate irritation and discomfort induced to the gums by braces, bands, or other dental brackets. They act as temporary guard...

Mini LED Teeth Whitening Light

  • QR0.00

You always rush to your doctors to get your teeth cleaned. What if you can do this all by yourself at home? Here are new introduced mini teeth whiteni...

Oral Tongue Cleaner Scraper

  • QR0.00

This product is used to clean the surface of your tongue in the most hygienic manner. It can effortlessly slide to and fro, up and down over your tong...

Natural Bamboo Charcoal Brush

  • QR0.00

This product is ideal for delicate gums and teeth. This toothbrush's body is made of durable harvested bamboo and the hair in bristle is made of soft...

Portable Foldable Transparent Toothbrush

  • QR0.00

This is a foldable toothbrush. For travelling purposes, products like these can readily be carried in a backpack. It is oval in shape from the top a...

Natural Bamboo Soft Bristle Toothbrush

  • QR0.00

This product is apt for people who have tender gums and teeth. This toothbrush is made of harvested bamboo and has a flat bristle origin. It is an env...

Cartoon Children Electric Toothbrush

  • QR0.00

This toothbrush works with a power button. It is a fantastic product for kids. This electric toothbrush has a unique design and its body is made of pl...

Charcoal Activated Travel Toothbrush With Case

  • QR0.00

This is an easy to carry toothbrush for travelling and camping trips. They have a case to safeguard the brush. It is a small head toothbrush with bris...

Travel Cylindrical Toothbrush Holder

  • QR0.00

This product is cylindrical in shape and very useful to hold your toothbrush. The body is made of pure plastic material. It is compact in size and can...

Clean Tube Toothbrush Cover Case

  • QR0.00

This product is the best way to carry your toothbrush when travelling. They are made of plastic material and are available in different colors. They a...

Portable Micro-Wax Dental Floss

  • QR0.00

This product is simply used to slide between your teeth to clean the plaque properly. It also keeps your gums healthy and protects your mouth from a f...

Superfine Interdental Floss Pick

  • QR0.00

This product is produced for the most efficient dental cleaning by means of high-quality floss. You can easily floss between all your teeth with its c...

Premium 5 Toothbrush Holder With Suction Cup

  • QR0.00

This product can hold five toothbrushes together. To hang them, no such drilling or nail attachment is necessary. This product is light in weight and...

Portable Mini 10M Dental Floss

  • QR0.00

This product enables you to wash your gums thoroughly each day. Using dental floss on a daily basis, keeps your teeth healthy and well balanced. You c...