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Palm Tree Bottle Opener Keyring

  • QR6.84

This product is designed in the shape of a palm tree to use as a keychain to hold keys easily and as a bottle opener to remove bottle caps. The palm t...

Pistol Bottle Opener Keychain

  • QR7.10

The pistol bottle opener keychain has a wonderful design to serve a two-way purpose as a bottle opener and a keychain. Bottle openers are useful produ...

Curved Bottle Opener Keychain

  • QR6.55

Curved bottle opener keychain is a classic and common product which has keychain attached with it. It is a handy product and made of aluminum which ma...

Fish Bone Bottle Opener Keychain

  • QR7.39

This is the most favored reasonable object used for opening bottle caps. The body is anodized in the shape of a fish bone with an aluminum alloy which...

Aluminium Bottle And Can Opener Keyring

  • QR7.10

Durable aluminum beverage wrench opens cans and bottles with ease, it opens a pop-tab or pries off a bottle cap with the unique dual-purpose design. T...

Bicycle Keyring With Bottle Opener

  • QR7.64

Bicycle keyring with bottle opener is a 2 in 1 product because the keyring holds the important keys and the replica of the bicycle works as a bottle o...

Jumping Horse Bottle Opener Keychain

  • QR7.39

This product promotes a distinctive keychain-friendly design that is easy to attach with your keys. It is produced of aluminum and will open any bottl...