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Cylinder USB Emergency Charger Bank

  • QR98.28

This portable power bank is ideal for charging your phones when you are in a no power area or when you are travelling. The outer body is made of metal...

Mobile Phone 2200mAh Power Bank

  • QR101.01

This power bank ensures that your devices will never run out of battery. They are best used in areas where there is no power. This product's outer bod...

2800mAh Candy Power Bank

  • QR98.28

This power bank is in the shape of a candy cube with 2800mAh charging capacity. You can carry them anywhere very conveniently in your backpacks or po...

High Capacity 10400mAh Portable Power Bank

  • QR212.94

This product has a high capacity of 10400 mAh. They are waterproof and temperature resistant. There are indicators on this power bank to show the batt...

Ultra-Thin 5600mAh Portable Power Bank

  • QR141.96

This product has a high capacity of 5600 mAh. It is waterproof and temperature resistant. This power bank is ultra-thin in size and is made of aluminu...

Portable LED Display 2200mAh Power Bank

  • QR125.58

This power bank acts as a saviour when you are travelling or when there is no electricity at home.The body of this product is made of metal. It has an...

Mini 10000mAh Power Bank with LED Display

  • QR0.00

Mini 10000 mAh power bank enables the user to charge their smartphone while on the go without draining the mobile’s battery. This is a unique power ba...

Thin Digital Dual Output Power Bank

  • QR0.00

Charge your mobile phones and tablets conveniently using a thin and lightweight digital dual output power bank. It can easily charge mobile phones and...

Quick Charge 20000mAh Three-Output Power Bank

  • QR0.00

A fast charging power bank for your MacBook and it support PD flash charging USB fast charging, 3 USB port, and Type C dual output. It has 5 power ind...