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Unisex Stud Coat


When it comes to coats, this 100cm-long, classic example in a range of vibrant colours is one of our bestsellers. Its longer length protects you from...

Lightweight Scrub Set


Lightweight and breathable, our unisex medical scrubs sets are suitable for all healthcare workers across all kinds of working conditions. Featuring a...

  • Best Selling Uniforms

Womens Classic Collar Tunic


From morning to night shift, Alexandra’s tunics for women will make sure you stay cool and comfortable throughout your working day. Our womens classic...

Hospital Uniform, Scrubs and Lab Coats in Qatar

Hospital uniforms, scrubs, and lab coats are specialized clothing worn by medical professionals in hospitals, clinics, and other healthcare settings. Hospital uniform from Qatar are designed to meet the specific needs of healthcare workers and provide them with a professional and practical appearance.

The nature of the medical work is such that blood, vomit or other infectious fluids released by patients can often get onto nurses and doctors. Hospital uniforms in Doha are designed to prevent bacteria and germs from transferring and maintain a protective layer for medical staff.

Among others, a scrub is the most commonly worn custom hospital uniform. They are loose-fitting pants and tops that are made of durable, easy-to-clean materials such as cotton or polyester. The surgical and nursing scrubs in Qatar come with multiple pockets for storing medical instruments and equipment.

We offer premium quality custom-made scrubs at wholesale prices available in a variety of colours, patterns and styles. Our customers are facilitated with full customisation options that include embroidery of the hospital or clinic's logo and names or job titles of the healthcare workers. You can also find the best fit and the needed colours for these scrubs with no minimum order options catering to both retail and business needs.

Similarly, lab coats are also a common sight in healthcare settings. These long white coats are worn over scrubs or other clothing to protect them from spills or splashes. The lab coats from Qatar are made available in different cuts and styles, suitable for both men and women. With easy customisation options, these lab coats can be tailor-made in different lengths to suit different body types.
Hospital Uniform in Qatar, like pharmaceutical suits, surgical and nursing scrubs and lab coats, are unique medical outfits specially designed to suit the needs of different healthcare professionals. Large medical organizations and pharmaceutical companies often procure these personalized medical outfits in bulk to meet their business needs. These hospital uniforms provide a professional appearance to healthcare workers while adding the necessary protection and comfort to their everyday job duties.