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Wooden LED Multi-functional Desktop Alarm Clock


Wooden LED multi-functional desktop alarm clock is a very fascinating product with various unique features such as it not only sets alarm for the user...

Soft Flexible Cube Eraser


Flexible cube eraser is a pencil eraser with a soft edge which clean and wipes the marks of the pencils. This cube eraser is applicable to class B pen...

Manual Pencil Sharpener With Lid


A pencil sharpener is a very useful product, it is used to make a dull pencil sharp and allow the individual to write flawlessly with it. This manual...

Imperial Triangular Scale Ruler


Imperial triangular scale ruler has 3 sides with 6 different scales which are used for various professional applications, architecture, engineering, a...

Stainless Steel 15CM Straight Ruler


Stainless Steel straight ruler is two-sided measuring ruler which has centimeter measurement in one side and inch in another side. It has up to 15 cm...

Straight Aluminum Measuring Ruler


The ruler is used for measuring and drawing straight lines in the piece of paper. This is used for technical drawing, carpentry as well as cutting the...

Pocket Bookmark Ruler Magnifier


Pocket bookmark ruler magnifier is a 3 in 1 product because it can be used as a bookmark for remembering the last read page of a book, a ruler to ease...

Compact Magnifier with Light


Compact 2x magnifier with powerful LED light equals one powerful reading tool. This is a small and compact product that can be kept inside the pocket...

6 Inch Vinyl Ruler


2 Side measuring ruler: dual side measuring ruler, centimeter scale is on one edge of the ruler and inch scale is on the other edge; Can meet your dif...