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Foldable 2.4Ghz Wireless Optical Mouse

  • QR92.82

A wireless optical mouse is an amazing invention in the digital world because it uses Bluetooth technology to input various data in the computer or la...

Slim Mini USB Receiver Wireless Thin Mouse

  • QR84.63

USB receiver wireless thin mouse is compatible with all laptops, desktop and tablet to input various information to the device. This mouse does not ha...

Mini USB Flexible Fan

  • QR19.11

Mini USB flexible fan is a portable fan that has safety blades and provides cool air to its users when it is connected with the USB port. It is made o...

Marque Ultralight Bluetooth Headset

  • QR0.00

The ultra-light Bluetooth headphone is a compact size headphone which can be easily fit inside the ear of the user and the user can easily talk over t...

Mini USB Rechargeable Air Cooling Fan

  • QR0.00

Mini USB rechargeable air cooling fan emits strong wind and can be moved into the 360-degree direction to get the wind everywhere. It has a 3-level ad...

Mini LED Flash Message USB Fan

  • QR0.00

Mini LED flash message USB fan is a flexible fan which can be adjusted in any way the user wants the cool breeze. It is a super compact and lightweigh...

Mini Rechargeable Handheld USB Fan

  • QR0.00

The mini rechargeable handheld USB fan is a fully functional and easy operation device which blows cool air when it is switched on using the brush and...

Mini Flexible USB Table Fan

  • QR0.00

Mini flexible USB table fan is a portable multi-purpose fan that is used to get cool and refreshing air during the hot summer days. It can be used at...

Egg Shape Mini USB Fan

  • QR0.00

Stay cool and refreshed with egg shaped mini USB fan which is perfect for indoor and outdoor use. It uses 3 AAA batteries to keep it charged and long-...

Mini Wireless Remote Camera Shutter

  • QR0.00

Remote camera shutter is a small device that is used for clicking photographs without using self-timer on the mobile phone. This remote shutter uses B...