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Woven Lanyards with Detachable Buckle


A lanyard is a small cord or strap that is draped around the neck to represent the imprinted organization. There are different shapes, sizes, and colo...

Double Metal Hook Lanyard


Lanyards are used by every organization to enhance their brand visibility through their employees as well as their representatives. Most of the lanyar...

Lobster Clip Lanyard


Lobster clip lanyard is a sturdy product that is made of polyester which makes it comfortable when it is worn around the neck. The lobster clip is a k...

Nylon Lanyard With Lobster Clip


These lanyards are easy to wear around your neck to firmly hold your keys, cards or quick needed stuff. They are made of soft nylon material which is...

Buckle Release Nylon Lanyard


Nylon lanyard is a strong and durable lanyard which is used to attach the ID cards and prevent loss or damage of the cards of from being dropped. It h...

Lanyard Phone Attachment With Trigger Clip


Make an introduction and maintain security with trigger clip lanyard which can not only be draped around the neck but it can also be used to hold the...