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Universal Travel Power Adapter

  • QR240.24

Universal travel power adapters are very essential for amid travelers who travel from one country to another and they different plug adapter for the c...

Mini Simple 4 Port USB 2.0 Hub

  • QR70.98

Connect your electronic device with the help of USB port and transfer digital data, they can also supply electric power access. This USB port Hub is a...

Universal Multi Travel Adapter

  • QR60.06

A travel adapter is an important and useful device that is used by the amid travelers who usually travel overseas because the charging point differs f...

Qi-Enabled Wireless Fast Charging Pad

  • QR92.82

This is a wireless charger, that works with a mobile phone and transfers charge from a wireless charger to phone. This item has a classic design that...

Crystal Qi Wireless Round Charging Dock

  • QR0.00

Crystal Qi wireless charging pad is a round charging dock with a transparent body that enables the user to charge their mobile phone without any wires...

Rotatable Qi Wireless Charging Stand

  • QR0.00

Qi fast charging stand has a smart identification system which is suitable for most of the phones and tablets. It protects the mobile from short circu...

Newgam Qi 2in1 Wireless Fast Charger

  • QR0.00

The wireless charger paddock charges the Qi-enabled phone as well as apple watch together with just a single touch. This is a lightweight and portable...

Multi-Function Pen Container Wireless Charger

  • QR0.00

This Qi stands wireless charger enables the user to charge their phone and use it as a stand to keep the hands-free. The product has space to keep var...

Smart Fast Wireless Charging Pad

  • QR0.00

This Qi wireless charger provides fast charging for the Qi-enabled mobile phone It has intelligent temperature control and advanced safety for the use...

Round 10W Qi Wireless Charger Pad

  • QR0.00

This product is a handy charging pad. You can easily place a Qi-enabled compatible device on top of this charging pad to quickly charge your devices....

Dual Coil Qi Wireless Charger Dock

  • QR0.00

This Ugreen Qi charger is a stable wireless charger which has a double coil for reliable charging. It is a case friendly charger which up to 0.2 inch...

Swift 3 In 1 Wireless Charging Pad

  • QR0.00

Set your phone down in the QI wireless charger to start charging. It charges two mobile phones and 1 watch at a time or one phone, one watch or one ai...